Sunday, November 15, 2015


I made up DESIGNS BY SHELLIE CLASSIC CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS HOLIDAY TRAIN. I followed Shellie's Tutorial and changed it just a little. My grand son is train struck He just loves choo choo's. So this project is perfect fot this Christmas ! smile emoticon
You can find the tutorial here:

Monday, November 9, 2015

J & S Hobbies and Crafts Semi-Finalist project.

Here is my submission to J & S Hobbies and crafts Semi Finalist Design Team Auditions
The instructions for how to make it follow the pictures.
You can buy the Designs By Shellie products to make this ornament "Here"

Designs by Shellie Classic Christmas Traditions Ornament
This pretty Christmas ornament is a fun project that can be completed in one afternoon. 

Materials list:
From Designs by Shellie Classic Christmas Traditions 12 x 12 paper you will need 
                                            -2 sheets #17 Ornate-Tree, and 1 sheet #19 Sentiments
2 Designs by Shellie oval pearl frames
2 of Julie Herrick's porcelain poinsettias
12 inch piece of 1/4 inch green ribbon
Small piece of 1/8 inch red ribbon (Bears bow tie)
13 Small 1/8 inch red acrylic crystal gems
34 pieces  8mm beads
Glitter glue in different colors - green, red, white, gold, black
small piece of silver tinsel (about 3-4 inches)
E600 glue
Ranger Inkssentials Glossy Accents
dimensional foam pop up tape squares or dots

Scissors.  (Small scissors recommended for fussy cutting)
String or needle and strong thread for stringing beads.

1-  String the beads onto thread and tie the ends together to make a tightly closed circle of beads. 
Rough up the back side of both
oval pearl frames with some course sand paper. Run a line of e600 glue to the back side of one oval frame about 1/8 inch away around the edge of the oval opening.  Stick the center of the 12 inch piece of green ribbon at the center of the top of the frame, be careful not to get the other parts of the ribbon in the glue (just the center of ribbon in the glue).   Lay the bead circle you made around the oval on top of the glue, and over the ribbon.   Let dry.  This is the front part of the ornament.

2-  Cut out the sentiment of your choice from the #19 sentiment sheet of paper.   Cut it in an oval shape 1/4 inch larger than the opening of the frame so that the sentiment shows centered in the frame. 

3-  Cut an oval section of the Christmas tree from #17
Ornate-Tree 12 x 12 paper. Cut it 1/4 inch larger than the frame opening, (as in step 2).  (I choose the top of the tree and cut it so it showed a little off to the left side of the opening in the frame).

4-  Fussy cut out the teddy bear image grouping from one #17 Ornate-Tree paper.  And then cut the teddy bear image alone with out his friends from the second sheet of #17 Ornate-Tree paper.   Apply dimensional foam pop ups to the back side of both your fussy cut pieces.  (Don't bother putting the pop ups on the candy canes.  )

5-  Adhere the single fussy cut teddy directly over the top of the teddy that is still in the fussy cut image group.  Line him up as perfectly as possible over the other teddy.  Apply some the different colors of glitter glue to accent both the Christmas tree and the teddy group.  I use a toothpick to apply small amounts of glitter glue to the images. Tie a small bow with red ribbon and glue it over the teddy's bow.   Glue all but 4 of the Small red acrylic crystal gems on the tree like ornaments and Let dry. 

6- Place the dimensional image (Teddy and his friends) on top of the oval cut out of the Christmas tree, (do not adhere yet).  Place it as you would like it to show up inside the frame.  Then set the frame with the beads attached on top, to see what you might have to cut off your dimensional teddy group, so that it will fit inside the frame.   (I had to cut off teddy's legs and a bit of the gift box). Cut off the necessary parts.

7-  Using Glossy Accents, glue the oval sentiment to the frame that does not have the beads so that the sentiment shows through the frame  opening. This is the back side of the ornament.   Next glue the oval cut out of the Christmas tree over the back side of the oval sentiment paper making sure it is straight up and down. This will show through the front side of the ornament.

8-  Now it's time to glue on the front frame that has the beads attached.   Put a little glue on the attached ribbon where it will fold up over the beads to the top of the frame.  So that both ends of the ribbon are over the top point of the frame.  This is the ornament hanger.  Run e600 over the beads and over the folded up ribbon, (so the ribbon is held in the glue), and adhere it over the back part of the ornament, lining up the two frames back to back with the beads in the middle separating the 2 frames.   Let dry.

9-  Adhere the fussy cut dimensional teddy group where you like it inside the opening of the front frame on top of the Christmas tree.  Glue down to the Christmas tree background the very ends of the candy canes, if you like.

10-  Glue on the extra 4 red acrylic crystal gems on the frame front and back as you see in the picture.

11-  Using E600 glue the poinsettias onto the front of the frame as you see in the picture.  Let dry.

12-  Tie a not in the green ribbon so it rests all the way down to where it attaches to the beads.  This will change the direction of the way the ornaments hangs.   Then tie a knot above4 inches or form the hanging loop.

VoilĂ !  Finished!


Couture Creations - Hearts Ease Mini Album

 Couture Creations "Hearts Ease" paper were used in making this Scrapbook Mini Album It is my Reneabouquets DT project November.